Quick Intro - That's me... Meek. The woman with the cheesy smile who's twinning with that yellow emoji. (Stop laughing)


I'm a Brand Strategist (Yea I know right... another one) who's passionate about helping new entrepreneurs understand and navigate the sketchy waters of building, maintaining and leveraging a dope brand.


Simply put, I will help you develop a brand strategy that will command attention, increase your credibility, grow your following and MORE!


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As Seen In

L. Meoli - Ferrigon, 

Author & Filmmaker

Working with Temica is so much fun that it doesn't feel like a strategy session at all.  She's filled with so many great ideas that are far from the norm of what we're used to seeing.

A. Carney, 

CEO StepN2U Fitness

Temica makes branding & marketing fun!  In less than a month her strategies have helped me to secure numerous business opportunities, partnerships, & clients. 

R. Dixon,


Dope!  That's how I'd sum up my experience working with Temica.  Our 1:1 VIP session was very thorough and easy to follow.   

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